Questions About Metrology Services and More

Providing precision alignment services such as laser metrology services , optical alignment, and laser shaft alignment.  Pro Services ensures that machinery performs as it should for any business with machinery as part of their operations. Our services decrease downtime of operations by bringing machinery to the level of quality they are capable of when correctly aligned. From installation alignment for new machines to the alignment of older machines that have seen years of use, our team can help any operation. To learn more about these services and more, see some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions below or reach out on our contact page.

Based out of southwest Michigan, we have a service area covers most anywhere in the United States.

Yes, although a visual inspection of your running machinery by our alignment technicians can many times spot troubled areas in need of repair.

With highly experienced personnel in machinery alignment, we have worked on a multitude of various types of machinery. Basically, the same common geometric controls such as level or flatness, straightness and squareness or parallelism are the common controls that must be maintained in the field during repair, retro fitting, and installation of machinery.

Yes, most of our work is on existing machinery and solving problem areas.

Yes, we can perform your alignment turn-key or we can work with your in-house maintenance personnel.

The best time is in the planning stages of your project. Whether new equipment or re-location of used or existing equipment. Prior to starting an installation project, it’s a good idea to give us a call. Our many years of experience can greatly enhance the project by installation of machine centerlines and square lines to aid in the placement of machine components. Also, our knowledge of equipment anchoring and grouting will only help to provide the quality installation and maintain precise alignment over years of operations.

Experience. All of our alignment technicians we send out into the field have many years of experience. We know how to work on the road. We will be there when we say we will and we are committed to getting the work completed when we said we would. Many alignment companies have come and gone in our years of service. Most failed because they tried to expand and get too large, meaning they would lose control of projects or were short of skilled technicians, putting personnel on projects with limited experience. Our Machinery Alignment Services division gives your project the experienced personnel and attention to detail that it needs.

Yes, we will send out a detailed report and then follow up with a call once your equipment is up and running to ensure everything is okay from an alignment standpoint.

Most definitely, yes. Once we have completed a machinery alignment service to a single machine in their plant, we most often are asked to go through all their machinery. Many of our customers we have provided services to for many years, and they continue to call us whenever the need for precision alignment comes up.

Yes, we will complete an alignment survey of your machinery and install reference monuments if none exist. Stainless steel monuments will be installed in the plant floor and epoxied in place to provide permanent reference for alignment and future alignment needs.