Precise and Professional Machinery Alignment

Precision machinery alignment is accomplished at installation or during maintenance/repair through the use of precision optical/laser measurement instruments by our trained professionals. Precision optical instruments such as theodolites, optical squares, and tilting levels are used in conjunction with laser trackers and a variety of mechanical measuring devices, heavy-duty instrument stands, and custom made jigs and fixtures.

Alignment support is provided through our various means of machinery alignment depending on the type of machine and its operation:

  • Roller alignment for paper converting equipment
  • Accurate laser alignment for rotating shaft equipment
  • Precision optical measurement
  • Applied Technical & Industrial Metrology services

Our instruments and equipment provide a means of accurate measurement in the field, while maintaining flatness/level, straightness and squareness, with very precise accuracy over a long distance. Our methods of machinery alignment are far superior in terms of accuracy, speed, and job site adaptability than outdated methods such as the use of plumb bobs, music wire, and tram rods.

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