US Manufacturing and the Need for Alignment Services










US manufacturing is the lifeblood of the US.  McKinsey recently took a deep dive into the impact US manufacturing had on the economy and although it represents 8% of the workforce and 11% of the US GDP, its impact is far reaching.

Here is the concern.  It requires a big investment!  U.S. manufacturing construction spending reached a 20-year high, hitting a $194 billion annual rate in April 2023, nearly double the $107 billion annual rate from a year ago, according to the Federal Reserve.

This relative size of investment is going to continue for years to come.  Therefore, it creates larger downstream opportunities requiring specialized skill to retool or replace aging equipment.  Machinery alignment services like metrology, optical alignment, and precision machinery alignment are a critical part of the downstream value chain to ensure these machines operate at optimal levels and reduce unplanned downtime.  At Pro Services we are investing heavily in this division in the forms of people and the latest equipment and technology to reach the demand.  Our goal is help put US Manufacturing back on the map!